Knysna means ferns

knysna ferns south africa hostel accommodation garden routeKnysna probably comes from a Khoikhoi word meaning ferns, something widely found around Knysna. Situated in the heart of the world renowned Garden Route, Knysna is the home of many local and international artists, furniture manufacturers and tourism attractions like the Knysna Heads. Knysna is just 72 kilometers from George, the major business business hub of the Garden Route. Knysna were established in 1882 after the Melville and Newhaven hamlets were amalgamated and the town named after the Knysna river.


Knysna's timber history

From as early as 1787, timber was exported from Knysna’s port. This port could shelter up to 50 ships at one time, but proofed to be a dangerous port of call due to the treacherous entry point through the Knysna Heads. Many ships did not make the port and got shipwrecked at the mouth of the port. This however did not stop the export of timber from this port and was one of the main reasons why Knysna was placed on the map.


Knysna is a top destination

knysna top destination south africa budget accommodation garden routeToday the indigenous forests are protected by law and no indigenous trees may be felled without a permit. Knysna has become one of the top destinations in South Africa and the world, offering the best accommodation from 5 Star Lodges to Backpackers Hostels. The area has many things to do, from hiking to abseiling for those that like adventure, and for the sport enthusiasts, mountain biking to Forest Marathons. Tourists can enjoy seafood fresh out of the ocean, with the famous Knysna Oysters at the top of the list. A great way to combine food and activities is by doing a boat cruise out to the Knysna Heads while testing the Oysters.


Knysna events & festivals

knysna events  festivals sa yoster festival garden route backpackersKnysna hosts the annual Knysna Oyster festival, Pink Loerie Mardi Gras and Gastronomica that is a food and lifestyle festival not to be missed. The Rastafarian Earth Festival is the Garden Routes best know culture festival and is held annually at the end of July. 2010 Will be the biggest Oyster festival ever because of the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup and visitors should book accommodation far in advance.