Surf Spots in Jeffreys Bay South Africa

surf spots in jeffreys bay surf camps south africa surf schoolsJeffreys Bay is world renowned for the awesome right hand break at Supertubes, but there are also lots of other surf spots worth a mention. If you’re not a surfer, don’t despair, at the main beach you’ll be able to get surf lessons from local surf schools. If you’re a seasoned surfer, have fun…just remember that local surfers could give you either a awesome time in the line up or make it really unpleasant…Respect them and they’ll respect you.



supertubes jeffreys bay surf school j-bay surf lessons south africaSupertubes Jeffreys Bay (South Africa) offer one of the best right hand surf breaks in the world. It’s also the home of the Billabong Pro that’s held here annually in June/July. Getting to the line up can be tricky if you do not know what you doing, thus look and learn from the locals. Supertubes are ruled by the locals and visitors are advised to show respect, wait their turn and use what comes your way.  

On good days you can ride the wave all the way to Impossibles. 4-8 Foot waves along the reef are the ones to look for, and if you’re lucky you can get a South Westerly to compliment the wave. The South Easter kills the wave and not even worth surfing. Crappy surfing conditions are brought in by the North Westerly & Supertubes will get bumpy. Supertubes can still be surfed with the Southerly blowing, but expect to get crumbly conditions.



 Tubes are the spot to visit if you’re looking for a short high impact tube/barrel ride. Look out for the 4 – 5 foot days with a strong rip current....awesome. Tubes don’t have lots of space, so try to get there early to secure a spot in the line up. This is also a firm favourite amongst the locals so try not to step on toes...remember the surf etiquette.   



The Point has been surfed since the sixties established Jeffreys Bay on the local and international surf map. Point is well known for starting big and slowing down ending with a bottom turn cut back wave. Not worth surfing on South Wester days, but great on Southerly days. The point is surfable on most days & best on 3 to 8 foot days.

The Point is home to the “grommets”. The unspoken local rule is that no grommets are allowed at Tubes or Supertubes before they have proved themselves or paid their dues. When the groms advance to Tubes & Supertubes they’ll be looked after by the older local surfers. The grommets will get a chance in the line up to catch a wave or to.

Surfers visiting Jeffreys Bay should first get a feel of conditions be surfing The Point. Please note that on days with a good swell, surfers need to take great care paddling out to the backline. There is a dangerous gully that need to be negotiated right in front of the car park.  



Boneyards,  breaks left & right...and really breaks hard on low tide. Boneyards is best surfed on days with a light North Westerly. This is one of the surfing spots preferred by locals, especially on days that Supertubes are just to packed.



Magnatubes is the most “temperamental” break on the J-Bay coastline...But can be surfed on 3 – 5 foot, North Westerly, high tide days. Sounds like a tall order. Locals know Magnatubes and some even surf this break regularly.


Kitchen Windows

kitchen windows jbay surf schools jeffreys bay learn to surf jbayKitchens are the surf school wave of Jeffreys Bay, and right on J-Bays main beach. Kitchen Windows is also the place where the local kids learn to surf and have fun. The line up is best during mid tide and even better if you have a South Westerly blowing.